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I want to thank Rabbi Elishevitz for teaching and guiding me with my torah reading. I honestly could not have done it without you. Thank you to my parents and sister for making me who I am today, and helping me grow up, and stand on my feet. Mom, you were always there whenever I needed you. Dad, you tried multiple times to teach me programming, but I guess I�m not as talented as you. And finally, Nitzan, what can I say? You are a really big part of me. You help me when I need help, you give me advice when I need advice, and if I need anything else, I know I can always go to you. Even though you are sometimes annoyed or disappointed with me, I know you still love me, and I will always love you. I would not be here, as proud as I am of myself, if you had not been in my life. Being 13 made me realize that my previous childhood was easy and silly, and my future adulthood will be harder, and more mature. I now realize that sometime I will need to get a job, a house, a car, and actually support myself. I might live with my parents at times, when times are tough, but I always know that I can turn to them when I need them. I want to end off with a short quote: �When life gives you lemons, ask for cake, when you get that cake, eat it slowly, and enjoy what life throws at you.� Thank you all for coming, and enjoy the food.